Sunday, December 02, 2007

a realization

It has been determined that I have been sick a lot this year. I am sick yet again. I think I have been home from Disneyland for 53 days and sick for about 19 of those days. Hmmmm....somehow that makes me think I should go back to the happiest place on earth.

But really, I was very sick this summer, missed the family reunion and I know I always gets sick after the craft sale, stress, handling money and more stress will do that. Bur really, I think it's about time someone else got sick.

I've tried sharing it, in hopes that if I give it away, I won't have it any more. It doesn't work. Sorry to all those I made sick.

What really stinks is that I have major stuff to do, stuff I want to do in the next few weeks and can't do if I am full of germs and feeling crappy. So I also realized I need to prioritize some stuff, the stuff that really doesn't matter can fall by the wayside, the stuff that does matter will get done, maybe just a bit slower, but it will be done.

And here is Linus after his first romp in the snow. He loves it. Such a pretty boy.

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