Friday, December 07, 2007

Just a note...

If you are a member of my family ~ Don't mess with the Christmas Dinner.
For almost 35 years it's been on the same night, Christmas Eve and I've probably only ever missed it once when I lived in Coquitlam. But for some reason, while we were in the Happiest Place on Earth, my mom's side decided to change it up a bit and completely changed the day and I just found out yesterday. Well, it doesn't work. Kerry's mom does Christmas dinner every other year, not because of us, but for another reason, and we told her, probably 12 years ago that we always have Christmas Dinner at Grandpa's on Christmas Eve so Christmas Day was hers. Plain and simple.
I've lodged a complaint and 1 of the 5 on the Dinner Committee will take it to the others and get back to me. But of course not without requesting someone else change their plans, but I am standing firm and not even mentioning it because it's not anyone else's fault but those 5 stinkers!!! Change is good, but don't mess with my Christmas Dinner!!!
Now who's going to make Death By Chocolate, or take a million pictures? ARG...FAMILY!

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