Sunday, December 16, 2007

A girl's best friend

Yup, diamonds really are a girl's best friend, and so are the husbands that buy them for their wives.

I had decided I wasn't getting this sparkly bauble, but then Kerry proclaimed he was getting it for me for Christmas, no more discussion.
And there it is, on my neck. All sparkly and shiny. We'll be getting a rider on our insurance, yet again.

I love it. And like that cheesy jewellery commercial with the man and woman and she's hugging him and whispering "I love this man, I love this man", that's what I'm saying about my Kerry.

Tara's on her way, we are making Maki sushi, lots of kinds, my favourite traditional roll with seasoned shitake mushrooms, gourd, egg, fish(smoked), and veggies, and California roll, pickled radish roll, and smoked salmon roll. I haven't made sushi in ages. I find when you can make it, you don't seem to crave it as much and it's not a 'special'.

Had dinner at the Yellow House downtown. Highly recommend the beef tenderloin, very pricey, but so worth it. But don't recommend the cheese cake, also pricey, unless you like sugarless cheesecake. Hey, if I'm wasting my points on cake, it darn well better have sugar in it, and so should the whipped cream! Had a great time with Kerry's co-worker Rob and his wife Robin. Kerry laughed so much he was crying!

After stopping at the new and improved Oriental Market for supplies, Kerry, my diamond giving hubby and I took the dogs to the dog park. Linus loves it, Sally is much improved from BL (before Linus), she was a bitch at the park before. The picture was taken on my 'snow' setting and sure the snow is white but the dogs look photoshopped in.
Tara came for Sushi 101 and we made all different kinds like previously mentioned and ate so much while making the sushi that when it was time to sit and eat, we really didn't want to look at it, let alone eat it. Then we went shopping, which I think we have done a few times at night the last couple of days. It's great. I'm getting lots done, she says she is done. I never did see her buy anything for Harley.
Our tree is up with lights, but not decorations, and so far Linus has been very good about it. We have our fingers crossed, Sally's first Christmas resulted in the tree falling over 3 times, and me crying hysterically once when my racoon ornament lost her head.


Cheryl said...

mmm....sushi...I've been reduced to eating the crap from Extra Foods my cravings are so great.

What a pretty necklace! I love it - and I totally get sucked in to those cheesy commercials too :)

Cheryl said...

Oh and if you're looking for a cake with sugar, I highly recommend the carrot cake from The Blind Angler. It is sauteed in butter. I am not kidding.
(suck on that Weight Watchers).