Thursday, December 06, 2007

Positive thinking at it's best.

I'm pretty sure, positive, that I am still sick. I can't even remember what being well feels like. Or for that matter, what it feels like to hear out of both ears, or breath out of my nose or sleep in my own bed (I've been sleeping on the couch because I cough too much at night).
I'm positive I will never get better.
And that slowly but surely I will get my Christmas stuff done if it kills me!

1. Load ipod with Christmas music - done
2. Buy gift bags to decorate for presents yet to be bought - done, only because I can't remember where I put the bags from last year.
3. Buy stuff to back with - done
4. Buy stuff at M&M's - done
5. Find room in the freezer for stuff from M&M's - done
6. Eat freezies, veggies, chicken, jam, crab, and icecream for dinner so that other stuff will fit in freezer.
7. Wrap presents
8. Do Christmas cards
9. Nap
10. Read new magazines again, think (but don't do anything) about being motivated.
11. Wonder why Yo said she was stopping by...maybe I have forgotten why, maybe she never told me? Wonder where Marg went? Did she come by and Shaun didn't answer the door? Wonder if my SU order will come today? Wonder if my Amazon order will ship anytime soon? Wonder if a kid will lock his keys in his car again today? Wonder if there is anything on this planet that Linus won't eat? Wonder if the 'good' tv shows tonight will be new? Wonder where the rest of the day went?

As you can see #11 will take the better part of the day. I was hoping #9 would be a major part, but I'm sure #11 will prevent #9 from happening.

Why does Christmas take so long to prepare for and then it happens so fast?

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