Saturday, June 27, 2009

Brisket hangover

I will be making bbq'd beef brisket again, just not for lunch. That way I don't have to get up before every single person in town to get it on the bbq for smoking. It was delicious, Kerry's co-workers approved. It didn't last long. Recipe from start to finish was from the America's Test Kitchen Family cookbook. Best darn book out there. I took the dogs out back to play with my camera. I needed to get a photo for the Artfreckles Snapshots of Summer challenge. This week was Beauty and the Beast.
Linus, being the lazy dog that he is, could only sit for 4 shots and then had to lay down.

He didn't really want his picture taken, Sally on the other hand was very cooperative although I've discovered that when I have the camer infront of my face, she closes her eyes and looks away so I have to be fast.

And the money shot...Beauty and the Beast. Check out Mr. Tubby's face, he's freaking drooling!

And one last shot...this is the way they both sit on the stairs to survey the yard. Although they NEVER sit together like this. Why don't kids behave this well for photos when promised a little dry dog treat?


Angie Tieman said...

What beautiful photos of your furry friends!!

RAE said...

Great photos...especially the last one! They look so cute sitting like that together.

Shannon Wyman said...

Love the photos!

Rarinstamp said...

So how do you get them to sit so nice? A pose even for one shot?
Love them!!