Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I'm not dead

Hang in there.
I've been setting up the pool. Prepping for classes.
I'll have something blog worthy soon.
In the mean time check out Yolanda's blog. She's been MIA for awhile, but seeing as how she's gone and got Simply Handmade to publish a shit load of her stuff, I told her she better get off her duff and blog. Simply Handmade listed her blog address, and I don't think she should disappoint her loyal followers. Yes, I'm taking a bit of credit for today's blog post.


Amy said...

Glad you arent dead! I mailed you a little package today. They wanted to charge me $35 for global priority and I yelled at the postal clerk! I hope Kerry is enjoying his PS3, sounds like a little too much! Here are the subie show pics-
Have a great day!!

RAE said...

Glad you're still alive and well! We can't stalk you if you're not posting. I'm gonna go check out Yo now.