Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Garden Pests have united in their effort to make sure I never eat a veggie from my own garden.

Yup, it's been decided by the fates, I will never get to eat a fresh grown by me veggie. The birds, neighbourhood cats, bugs and indoor pests are banding together. It's a weird mix of rebels, they may not even be aware of eachother's evil doing, but together they are denying me of enjoying the fruits of my labours.
I have planted my seeds twice. I have weeded, not that well, but still, more than ever before. I water, I fertilize. I wish. And still I have nothing to show for it. If the birds and bugs didn't abscond with my seeds, the cat next door crapped on them and then the quail and bugs ate the little bitty plants that did grow. But I had some hope...I had 2, yes, 2 radishes. And when I got back from Vancouver I was so happy to see them still there, and they were huge. So I picked them. And as any good scrap booker would do, I washed them and set them on the cutting board for their photo shoot. Then I ran downstairs to get my camera. It was set up in the bedroom for my boudoir photo shoot. Not. While downstairs I heard the sound of claws on the floor, running claws, happy claws, claws on the deck. What the ?
I ran upstairs to find only 1 radish on the cutting board and a certain girl dog looking at it longingly. A certain boy dog had taken off with my radish!!! He's tried before to take things off the counter, but never actually has. Usually he will try to lick the item and then he gets yelled at.
This is what I get. This is what I weeded for hours for, what I lovingly watered and fertilized for. So I bit the other radish, it was stinking hot and gave it to Sally.
I'm thinking this gardening thing is better left to Grandpa.

This guy had his 92nd birthday on the 11th but we celebrated last night at Ozeki's. It always cracks me up that we go to a Japanese restaurant. It was good, he ordered green tea ice cream for dessert, so did I, he complained that it was not worth the $2.50 for 1 scoop, it's not. But I explained that green tea ice cream is super expensive by the litre. He accepted that and ate his ice cream. The server brought a piece of paper, which had "Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu" written on it. She didn't quite pronounce it right, Grandpa couldn't understand her. She said her co-worker wrote it down for her and she was just reading it. Grandpa looked at her and said her accent was wrong, she's Chinese. Which was bang on, she said she was and they laughed about it and she got note writer to come and read it for him. She was Japanese, the note said "Happy Birthday!" Grandpa got a kick out of it and kept the note.

BTW, I had a chance to sit and look at my Photographers' Workshop binder. I'm such a loser. It's just a binder, with tab pages, nothing else. The info will be emailed and I will have to print it out. What a let down.


RAE said...

Darrell & I had a good laugh about the radish thief LOL. Thats too bad about the binder. I'm sure you'll be filling it up with good stuff soon!

Anonymous said...

empty binder.

Anonymous said...

Darn bugs and critters! And you would think the cat poo would help!!