Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Making lists

I'm taking the kids to the Anime Convention. I'm pulling Emily and her friend out of school so we can leave in the afternoon and avoid all the traffic. It's called wishful thinking people!
We have 3 day convention passes, but also plans on shopping at Metrotown, a couple scrapbook stores, and Krispy Kremes. We plan to be home Sunday evening.
I have a list of what to do today, what to do tomorrow, what to take, what Kerry needs to know and do while we are gone, where we are going, contact numbers, and I might have a list of my lists.
Today's list includes baking Monster Cookies, they are great for trips and husbands that need to fend for themselves. With a whole 6 eggs, 9 cups of oatmeal, both sugars, Smarties, choc. chips and raisins, not to mention 3 cups of peanut butter, you can't go wrong. They are close to the size of my hand, not my palm, I use an ice cream scoop to measure them out. Also known as sawdust cookies or poop makers. Emily will eat them with much open faced mining to remove all the raisins.
I've still got my headache. I'm hoping the chiropractor gets rid of it. If not, I might have to resort to ear plugs for the drive down to Vancouver, or issue a gag order on the kids.

And to add to all this running around, list making, I am expecting my copy of the new SU catalogue, and new stamp sets.

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Amy said...

So do you have much to do?? Lol what costume will Em be wearing for the convention?