Monday, August 10, 2009

It's all coming together...

My photography skills, that is! I am slowly coming to understand how the camera works. And I'm applying it. Or at least I'm trying to, which is good too.
After our very expensive, very yummy brunch at the Eldarodo, we walked down the Greenway for a bit.
Hey, stop in this shady spot for a few photos, please and thank you.

Get closer together, so it looks like you like eachother.

Smile and maybe look this way. Very funny, Shaun!You guys suck!

Never mind. Forget I asked.


Veronica said...

aren't families just accommadating!! you forgot the photo of them doing rabbit ears....finger up the nose...finger in brother's ear....wrestling...etc!! but...they are perfect photos because that is what your family is really like!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are really cute even though they are being ornery! You should really start stalking your mailman for Twinkle! I hope he didn't get held up at customs, I'm sure they wouldn't think to post a picture if they have him!

RAE said...

Have you offered them bribes with treats? Doesn't work with D but maybe it'll work with your family LOL

Kelli said...

Yes, I've offered bribes, but it doesn't work. They will stand for the photos, but they won't cooperate facially!

Lisa T. Howard said...

I can certainly tell things are coming together for you. I just wish I had more time. Any ideas on how to grab an extra few each day. Short of NEVER sleeping, I don't see how it's possible! *sigh*

Great photos, even if your family chose to give you grief! I actually prefer these over perfectly posed shots! Great job!!!