Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Day

I can't take all the credit for how great my photos turned out from Tara and Shawn's wedding. I must first thank Karen Russell for the wealth of knowledge I received in taking her Photographers' Workshop class, I can not say enough good things about this class and how talent she is. And because I knew a bit about how to set my camera up, all photos are SOOC, no Photoshopping!
Secondly, the photographer, Andrea Blair did all the work, set the subjects up, and did her magic, and then I stood behind her and took my shots along with the others in the bridal party. I can't wait to see her photos.
And last but not least, the bride and the groom! They were so cute! Tara's friend brought balloons for a totally different reason, but they made great props for the photos on Knox Mountain.Our bouquets were beautiful.

Shawn's groom's men were great, Nathan is so funny!
They said their vows on the beach at Lake Okanagan Resort. It was a tad hot, but such a great setting.
Kerry took this one. I had only brought the one lens, 50mm f/1.8 and set it on AUTO for him. He got some decent shots. I look a little tense, I don't like wharfs, I don't like deep dark water or sturgeons.
And then we went on a nice little cruise around the lake on a houseboat, had a great meal, danced and I got a little sea sick.
We had a great time. Met some wonderful people. And we wish the couple many, many years of happiness!


Anonymous said...

What a perfect wedding day! Beautiful photos!

Info Goddess said...

Great photos Kelli - well done!

Veronica said...

gorgeous! i agree on the sturgeon! YUCK....need to see some closeups of you!! maybe not on the dock

Lisa T. Howard said...

Gorgeous photos!!! Hate you got sea sick but sounds like it was a great day!