Saturday, August 01, 2009

{Insert Witty Title Here}

Whoo Hoo! Reunion day is here! Although I just heard that some of my cousin's from the coast won't be able to make it.
And the most disturbing news, of course is about me, is that my tattoo scabs still have not come off. They are very thin scabs, and there is hope on the horizon, Shaun's right eye fall off, but the rest is still very similar to an embossed image. So until the scabs come off completely, I can't soak my leg, so I can't swim. I might dip, but no laps, diving, lounging. And to make it worse it's supposed to be the hottest day ever tomorrow. Kerry's tattoo is completely healed and looks great! He can make his 'kids' dance, he looks at them all the time!

Hope everyone has a great long weekend! Stay hydrated, safe and sunscreened!


Veronica said...

wishing you the best at your family reunion....have someone hold your feet and go in head first....that should cool you off a bit and be quite a challenge for others to figure out other ways for you to stay cool.

Lisa T. Howard said...

Have fun at the reunion and take LOTS of pictures!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe you have scabs still! Your body must be trying to resist the ink! Next time, use better lotion!