Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Reunion Fun and Games

It's just about over, the 2009 Koga Family reunion. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one feeling the effects of the weekend. Too much food, too much sun, too much running around in the heat and smoke and not enough stretching, water, or sleep.

I did not go bowling, but I did go to take pictures. And I got a few fairly decent ones considering the bowling alley is one of the hardest places to shoot in. I knew if I did bowl, it would be a bad beginning to the weekend with a trip to the chiropractor and lots of drugs.

Saturday night was the big catered dinner and talent show. It was great with the exception that the hall is not air conditioned and Saturday was probably the hottest day yet, with 39 degrees! And then add over a hundred people to the mix and it was probably 4800 degrees! The food and talent show made it worthwhile.
My dad won a door prize but he let my mom pick it out. She picked wine. Dad doesn't drink.
My mom's aunt, in the orange, has this amazingly talented family. They re-wrote the lyrics to YMCA to be KOGA and each verse was about one of the 8 original Koga siblings. It was hilarious!

We got up bright and early Sunday and headed out to the Olympics. All family members are divided into 4 teams, it's very competitive and there are cheaters. But they are reprimanded with the loss of points. The blue team won, and my cousin was nice enough to pose with her 'golden delicious' medal. She's testing it to see if it's real gold. We have lunch, swim, compete, eat dinner, pose for group pictures, and compete some more with plenty of mingling, and laughs!My 92 yr. old grandpa was probably the oldest person there.It's so great to have such a big family come together from all over! We don't think one kid cried the whole weekend. I love my family!


Shannon Wyman said...

Kelli it all looks like so much fun! I would love family reunions if they were like yours!

Rarinstamp said...

That is sooo cool kelli! I am happy for you - awesome that that many family members can get together. I didn't realize yours was sooo big! Is it over now?

Amy said...

That looks like a blast! I love the KOGA Pic!! We had a family reunion, once in Texas when it was hot as heck. But then people moved far away, some died, and we havent done it since.

Veronica said...

WOW what a fantastic family reunion! Just finding a date for my family is the biggest problem!
Your family looked like it had so much fun. The Olympics are such a great idea! Love the creative medals!

Jenn said...

Looks like it was so much fun! do you think the Koga family would want to adopt a six foot two red head? lol