Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chewin' the fat

We haven't given Linus rawhide because Sally turns into a wild animal when ever she has it. But the vet gave the Big L a piece on the weeked and he packed that gross thing around, he was only allowed to have it in the garage so that Sally didn't get ahold of it. The 3rd time we went to the vet, he picked it up before getting in the van and then cried all the way to the vet with it in his mouth. I bought them a bag, they are good for cleaning teeth and are apparently the kind that will break down. Sally eats her piece in under 5 minutes. Linus savours his. He licks it, he takes it outside for some fresh air, he brings it back in, he sticks it in the dog couch. Sally, on the other hand heard the garbage truck coming and swallowed her's whole, then gagged it back up, then swallowed it again, then gagged it up, and then I took it away from her and she tried to steal Linus's.
I have to keep an eye on Linus, he's like a toddler. If he's upstairs and it's quiet, he's usually in trouble. Emily left the bean bag chair on the floor, and Sally thinks that gives her free range to lay on the softest cooshiest dog bed ever. Today, this is what I found.
He loves his rawhide.

I took these with my 28mm lens, I can't do any Photoshopping yet, I'm too afraid to load the program.


Anonymous said...

So gross!! Im pretty glad my dog is too small for rawhide! He can only have the small twists!

RAE said...

omgawd...this had me cracking up LOL

euphoria said...

ewwww.... gagged it all up, yuko!

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