Monday, March 08, 2010

Broadening my horizons?

So I went with Yolanda to her team's first bout, she was going to borrow my lens to shoot the roller derby. I offered to go and do it so she could man the sales table. I came home with some great pictures, a t-shirt, a couple of team pins, a bit of knowledge about how the game is played, and a new respect for roller derby girls! Yolanda is 'fresh meat' and isn't ready to bout yet, but when she is I'm going to take out insurance on her! Not that I think she'll be bad at it but because some of the girls are big bruisers! Yolanda's team is the one in black with pink, the Peach Tarts. They didn't win, but it was their first time. I think they did great! I'd go again and it turns out I know a few of the girls. But I will never try roller derby. I don't think I'd bounce very well when I hit the cement. I'll be content to watch and take photos. Which I might add turned out better than I had expected. Arenas aren't known for their good lighting! Linus and I took Kerry out for a little mountain bike ride. You can see from the background that we went to the area that was burned out by the fire in 2003. It's so barren but makes for great lighting for photos.


Anonymous said...

ooh great shots! Love the girls outfits and no, I wouldnt do it either! But it is fun to watch! We have a lot of remote areas here also affected by wildfires, but we usually only drive through, not stop and take pics, there is not a lot of parking areas where it burned. Just dangerous mountain roads. Looks like you have good weather, though!

Veronica said...

I agree...good shots.

RAE said...

Great arena shots. I know from experience how hard it is to get good lighting in places like that.

Love the shot of K & L.

Kudos to Yo for getting involved with the derby. They look scary!