Thursday, March 11, 2010

Right on the BUTTON

First off, let's start with the Goods! It seems that some of the neighbours and I have started a wonderful tradition of Something That Resembles A Bake Off or How To Fatten Up Your Neighbours So That You Look Skinnier. Rules are simple, bake something, give it to the neighbour, sit back and laugh maniacally while wringing your hands in hopes that whatever you baked will go straight to their hips. This was left for me yesterday...okay, 2 times this was left for me but being the kind and generous person I am, I cut everything in half and left the other half for Kerry. Including the one on the left, Cockroach. Kerry said everything was delicious, except Cockroach. Turns out Kerry doesn't like dates. Thank you, Little Neighbour and Family. I went out with Heather and we did a bit of scrapbook supply shopping. At the first store, I bought the little car stamps that I used in this layout, whooeee, big spender, $3.29.
At the second store, I had to buy 2 more bottles of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, which I used most of up today. It's hard to see but there's Glimmer on the clouds, the background, which I made by myself, and on the 'grassy hills'. I also had to buy 2 more bags of Autumn Leaves buttons. Love them. And they go with the 3 I bought just after Christmas.

Cute cars. Even close up, you can't see the Glimmer in the photo, but in real life, it's awesome.

Then I sprayed some older paper I had gotten from being published, I think it's SEI, has poppies on it, and silver foil. I paired it with some older SU stuff that I Glimmer Misted too. Added a bunch of my new buttons, some of them have glitter built right in. And I used some of those weird baubles, too. The mist causes some papers to buckle after they dry, a not so lazy person might weigh them down, or even iron them, but not me.

The bag of buttons I bought is called Whirligig, I just love the colours and the glitter. I've since separated them, which was hard to do, they look so good together, but segregated buttons make for a happier me.

Segregated buttons reminds me that on the news we heard that the minority population will be growing and tipping the scales. Kerry thought this was news, as in 'something new', Emily and I looked at him and said "Ah, excuse me, whose the minority here?" In our house the minority is the majority.


RAE said...

Great LO's! I have yet to experiment with my Glimmer Mists.

Heather said...

WAY COOL! You even did the silly challenge, mist, buttons, baubles.
It is hard to see the glimmer...but, after the samples we saw I am sure it is great irl!
LUVING the buttons.
Now on to another l/o with the above and glitter ritz!

Veronica said...

Too funny!!! LOVE the buttons too. Need to leave town soon to do some seriou shopping....

Separated buttons make this one happy girl too! LOVE the little car stamp!! too cute....may need to borrow to document out road trip to Ontario.

Anonymous said...

I love the layouts! The car stamps are super cute! And that paper with the blue and swirls and silver, beautiful!! I used to be addicted to those autumn leaves buttons, Then I dumped all of them into a huge jar and sold the entire thing for $10 at a crop. I know, I should have sent them to you, but I didnt know you then. Oh wait, maybe I did. It was right before I moved back out here. Sorry :(
If there are any you are looking for, let me know. I may have some around still or a store near me sure will!

Angie Tieman said...

Awesome pages!! Love those clouds! And I am experiencing serious button envy over here!

Anna said...

Love the fish and buttons layout. Serious button envy about to commence. :)