Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekend Wonder...

I'm coming to you from Shaun's laptop, our main computer seems to have kicked the bucket. I backed up on Thursday and am crossing my fingers that was enough. I'm hoping Monday will bring some answers.
To add to that frustration is Linus and his eyes. The vet thinks they could be infected, we have drops and if it's an infection, we'll know in a couple days. His inner lids seem very irritated and red. The light seems to bother him and he can't see most of the time. He's very lethargic. It's so very sad. We don't think he got into anything, and it's both eyes, so we don't think he scratched them both, nothing was sprayed into them, and Sally's eyes are fine for now, the vet did say if it's what he thinks, it would be contagious.
And Emily thinks she's getting a cold. 2 days before camp. That I can handle because she can articulate what her problems are, Linus can't and he just sits with his eyes closed doing his best Stevie Wonder impression and I want to cry for him.

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RAE said...

Awwww...poor Linus (and E too). Hope they are better soon!