Saturday, April 10, 2010

Because I can

I made these. Think biscuits rolled up like cinnamon buns, but instead of sugar and cinnamon, they have beef and cheese and spices.
Then I went out to do yard work with Kerry and the dogs. By yard work, I meant documenting what is growing/still alive in the yard. Linus saw I had some interest in the daffodil so he killed it.
I got down low, as in laid on the ground, and used my exposure techniques to get this one. Kerry's is raking in the back ground.
I got down low and took a picture of my parsley. Surprised it's not dead.
This is my peony. I could watch this plant grow, it's growing so fast!
Took a picture of my weeds. Then Linus at the flower.
Took a picture of my Sally, while laying on the ground. I don't do much of this out front for fear Karla will see me and bug me about what I am doing.
Took a picture of what protects Kerry's noggin when he falls of his bike, not that he falls off his bike.
Took another picture from above. Check out the weed growing in the rocks.
Took a picture of Kerry's wet bike wheel.

All that yard work has caused my allergies to act up. I'll probably have to have a rest before UFC tonight.


Anonymous said...

Rest up for fight night!! Great photos! I love the one of the biscuits. I want to eat them! Now!! Have fun tonight and enjoy your weekend!

RAE said...

Those buns look delish! They are making my mouth water. I like the shot of Linus and Kerry in the background...nice perspective!