Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Antics

First off, how old is too old for the Easter bunny?
20 and almost 14?
I am happy the kids still want to participate in the whole Santa/Easter bunny/Tooth Fairy thing because it means they still want to be around us. Although this morning when I demanded they get dressed because pajamas are not hunting attire, I got a few gro
ans. And the ears were mandatory but Shaun threw his in a bush about 1/2 way through the hunt.
We did make them wait for the hunt until after breakfast with Grandma W.
This is what I get when I said "Stand closer together for a photo".

And when I said "Turn around" they turned around and around until I threatened them.And then they did this. I don't know what they are doing and I won't pretend to. But I do remember seeing it before. Last August. At least they are consistent. Notice they aren't really touching.And both of them have this thing for walking in front of the camera while I try to take a picture of the other. Then they run over and say "Let me see the picture". I guess I should be happy they are interested in my photography.

She wanted to wear my red and black 'winner' jacket from the rally. I said no, that's not an official egg hunting outfit and so she complained about how nice it was and that it should be and still I said NO and then she put on a scarf. She also checked the dog poop bucket for Easter treats.
This 'basket' was made before Emily was born. We made one for her too, but we didn't know if she was a boy or a girl, so it's more neutral than Shaun's basket. They are getting kind of ratty, but they still use them.
Maybe when the basket kicks the bucket, the bunny will stop visiting.


Anonymous said...

lol fun pics! Trevor did a hunt too. And he checked the firepit! I didn't put any there, but he checked anyways!

RAE said...

Love the photos! Ewwww...E checked the dog pop bucket? LOL
We hid Bailey's eggs in the house within reach so no climbing and possibly knocking anything down. She still managed to break a chunk off a small urn in the living room (hopefully superglue will work on it) and someone cracked the water glass in the kitchen...what the heck do people do during an egg hunt?