Saturday, April 03, 2010

Not so smart

I have to admit, it wasn't really my fault. I had no idea what the external hard drive was doing every time I backed up. I thought it was saving the same things on top of eachother, but it wasn't it was saving the same things over and over and over every time I backed up. Which I might add was not as much as I should have, I'm so happy for that. So I figured now that I have PS7 installed on the PC side of our Mac, I should put my pictures on that side too, because apparently, the two sides don't share. I started yesterday. I finished this morning. 700,000 files. That's enought to fill 107MB of space or one PC hard drive on a brand new computer. No one was impressed. I had to delete some photos more than 6 times.
I realized the following...
1. Emily saves a lot of things.
2. I take a lot of pictures.
3. 89% of those pictures are of the dogs.
4. I don't know where the music files went and I don't care.
5. I'm going to organize all my photos into folders...Shaun, Emily, Trips, Dogs, Holidays, etc. and then I'm going to save them to individual disks x 2, delete them off the computer and file them somewhere safe.

I'm also wondering how much longer we have to do the Easter egg hunt? Shaun is 20, Emily will be 14 next month. The Easter bunny isn't getting any younger and every year he forgets where he hid things.


RAE said...

Happy Easter! No easter egg hunt going on at our place. Bailey doesn't even really want chocolate...she wants stuff!

Anonymous said...

I count how many eggs I put out, because as soon as I place them, I forget where I put them!!