Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sweet Baby Alina

I heard through the FB grapevine that Kerry's sister-in-law's nephew and his wife had a baby last Sunday. I wanted a chance to photograph a newborn so I contacted Kerry's niece, who called Kerry's SIL, who called her SIL who called her son and he texted her back and said to come over on Friday. I got to meet this sweet baby before most of her family.

I had to be quick, she didn't like to have her hands swaddled, but she didn't seem to mind napping in a bowl.
She had the wrinkliest little hands and feet. I controlled myself.
She really didn't like my blanket. I don't blame her, it's not the softest one around.
I saw another picture like this and wanted to try it. I think it's my favourite.

The rest are in my smugmug gallery, the link is over on the right.
I think photographing babies might suppress my need to have another.


Lois aka katesmum said...

Oh Kelli these are beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Those are so precious! Can you steal her for me?

Sue said...

I love them all but the feet are adorable. I would love to have another ..... if I could. Sewing baby clothes does that to you too. You did a great job Kelli:)