Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a movie screening

We went to see my cousin's movie last night. It's about our family, being Japanese, and how everyone in my mom's generation married non-Japanese, inter-racial. I think he said it will eventually be on PBS, the Knowledge Network and something else, don't quote me on that.  The screening was the longer 80 minute version, both that and the shorter 48 minute version are on the disk we were given.
It was hard to see grandpa in the movie, mom brought him to the screening, and he's deteriorating so fast. I'm very thankful for the video some of my relatives took and for all the pictures they took. Jeff used these in his movie and it was so neat to see grandma again.  And it reminded me of why I take so many pictures (it's not just because I'm Japanese) and why I scrapbook. It also made me want a video camera.
Even though we declined to be interviewed for the movie, we were still in it. In one part, Emily is drawing our family, I took the still shots of her doing it and both of us got paid and our names are in the credits. Which is totally neat to see. Afterwards, Emily got approached by Ken, he owns the local Japanese specialty store. He wants her to come to the sister city event he plans and for her to draw at a table for a few hours. She's so shy, but I hope she does it.  Jeff gave family members a copy of the movie, and he gave Emily her own copy and she didn't want it, said she could share our copy. But we made her take it. After the movie she was very happy she had her own copy. She was also very embarrassed because so many people came up and told her how great her artwork was.
We took Kerry's mom. Part way through the movie she says "I feel so bad", she was referring to the way  the Japanese Canadians were treated during and after the war. I told her she didn't do it and shouldn't feel bad.  She knew 3 families that lost every thing during the internment.  She's going to tell her friends to go tonight to the screening, and she thanked us so much for taking her.
Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. I learned a bit, laughed at a lot, we're a strange family, and remembered a lot more.


Chris Hertel said...

That's really cool.

Rae | Family Photographer said...

How wonderful that you have a copy of this! That must have been so cool to watch!

Anonymous said...

I think it is really neat that they did a story about it, it is also interesting how everyone married inter racially. One day Emily will be glad she has the disc. And I too hope she goes and draws! It will help bring her out of her shell!