Tuesday, November 09, 2010

On the way

We planned on stopping in at LA Ink to check it out and Dad watches the show so we thought it would be neat to get some pictures. Sadly the website said they opened an hour earlier than they actually do so we just took pictures out back and of the front.

It's a good thing it was closed, we'd probably have gotten new tattoos.
The fact the shop wasn't open, made us realized California works on a different time schedule than we are used to. The next 2 stores we went to weren't open on Tuesdays, the Harley stores weren't open on Mondays, most places opened after 10. When you are up at 6 this makes for a long day of disappointments. Add to that the sad state of their Michaels, Joann's and scrapbooking stores and one of us was getting a bit grumpy!

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