Thursday, March 03, 2011

I make things, many things.

Most of you know me as this person, the one that makes things out of paper. But did you know I used to work with wood?
 A long time ago, I made wood crafts, sold them at local craft sales and taught classes. I had all the toys, an industrial bandsaw, a drill press, a little router and a scroll saw. They were MINE, not ours, and not Kerry's. I ordered wood from the mill, I had paint by tin, saw dust all over the place. Then I discovered paper, stamps, and ink, and the wood working tools either got pushed to the side or sold. The band saw was sold and a camera was purchased, and then another and another, until my 50D came along and I was content with it. (I have to say this because a new camera is not in my immediate future.)
I have been coveting chalk board speech bubbles for a long time, I thought they'd make great photography props, I knew I could make them, but didn't really want to, Heather offered to make them and said I could make them if I wanted to. And there was no way I was paying for something I could make. Call me stubborn. But after going to the high school tour things changed. Walking into the wood working room and inhaling all the good scents, the wood, the varnish, the sawdust, glue, and the tools (yes, tools smell too),  I knew I would be making my own speech bubbles.
It was the first time the saw had been run in years. I made sure everything was in working order, after the big band saw incident the last time I used it I've been a bit saw scared. Don't even get me started on the circular saw, any saw you can walk around with while it's running, can't be a good saw.  Anyways, after the safety check, I managed to cut a bunch of the bubbles out, and cleaned everything up so that Kerry would never know I was even in the shop. I sanded, painted and glued. And now I am the very proud owner of my own set of speech bubbles!
Now if only I could knit!


Anonymous said...

You could have taken my speech bubbles home with you from the wedding! I did our backdrop, with the few wood tools we have, and I am pretty happy with it!
And wouldn't you rather have glittery boogers than dusty ones?

Sue said...

You're braver than me. I won't touch a saw of any kind. They look awesome Kelli!!

AVinNYC said...

Your bubbles are very cool and look like a lot of fun!!

lacintha said...

Wow...okay you may be one of the most multi-talented people I the bubbles!!!
You creative woman!