Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tuesday's Thoughts

I want more days like this, where the sun is low, the grass is green, the dog is not digging a hole in the yard. I am contemplating getting the walnut tree cut down, it seems he doesn't spend his time outside eating walnuts for anyone else but me. 
 A certain girl child, whom shall remain nameless, came to me to day after reading that the local art supply store has Copics on sale and said "I need a few more, I don't really have a good selection of colours." I think I said "Uhhhhh....."

 These are scenes from a Rock Band in the making. They have a name. It was something like "We Might Be Moustaches" but it could have been something else, I was laughing too hard when I heard they had named themselves. They are 'jamming' as I type this. I'm not bitter that I didn't make the band. I still have my tambourine.
My living room looks much better in black and white.

 We tried to re-incarnate the happy, sunny days of Disneyland by making pretzel bites. Totally rocked the tastes, now we need the sounds and the weather. Apparently, I deleted the sound track to the teacup ride. I wonder why?  It's not like hearing it played over and over 36 times a day would bother a person.

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Anonymous said...

you have such a fun house! And the pretzel bites sounds delish!