Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Won!

I was asked to sub at Bunco probably this time last year, and that turned into a permanent gig. What an awesome group of ladies, and I'm using that term loosely!  Really, they are great! So much fun. I've had a blast!  
Normally, we play for prizes. But one of the Bunco'ers lost her mother to breast cancer recently so we played and donated.  I thought I'd try a different approach to 'winning' and use reverse psychology, acting like I really didn't care if I won.
 Well, I guess you could say it worked, I did win!  Well, actually I lost so bad, I won. I had the most losses, 17, some said that was the most they'd ever seen (there's a b-word for those people). So I guess I have one thing going, if I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it well! And I'm going to take pictures of my winnings that will make me feel like a winner!
Let's talk about these! Pink tulips from Michelle.  Background in the first picture, my living room wall. Picking that blue for the living room was a grave mistake. It's not a what I would call a dark colour, but the camera sees it as dark, and I have to crank up the ISO every time. Makes Christmas morning photos pretty hard to get. I like how the top right hand corner is lit up, that's the light from my door windows.
The second shot is in the exact same spot, in front of my front door, it's retro, has 3 square windows running vertically down the door. Lets in some indirect light through those stylish frosted windows. The back ground, hold on, is the inner box from the Rock Band guitar. Anything can be a background when you shoot at f/2.8. The box was right there, it's white, but it's not very wide, it was a perfect background/reflector. I'm crafty, I can made do.

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Sue said...

these are beautiful - love the pink!