Friday, March 25, 2011

Ironing? Me?

I was doing my morning blog reading when I came across this blog and some free transfer patterns. I have a couple packs of iron on transfers and I never use them. So I thought I'd try them out. 
But then I didn't have anything to iron them on to. So after lots of thinking, hey, it wasn't even 8:30 am, I  decided to use my shopping bag that I had made a while ago. I found a clean, dog hair free spot and ironed the image on to it. I have a few more printed out and can't find anything to iron them on to. I did iron one on to some fabric paper that Marg gave me, and I'll put that in my Project Life album at our meeting tonight. 
 I wonder if Kerry will notice if I iron a bunch of things on the backs of his Subaru t-shirts?


Rae | Family Photographer said...


Veronica said...

too cool! I didnt know those things existed.

Anonymous said...


Sue said...

I love this bag - fabric is awesome! How about a tshirt for you?