Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A cluttered mind

I have so much I want to do, I have a little list in my phone and I keep adding to it fast than I am checking things off of it. 
We (me and Linus) picked the giant sunflower for M-R's class room, the little kids get to pull it apart and check it out. But first Linus inspected it. (I don't know why, but in the preview this photo is left justified and I can't seem to fix it.)
I feel like I spend more time organizing in my space and less time crafting. That wall isn't working for me.
So, thanks to a local Facebook scrapbookers' buy and sell page, I bought the unit on the right.
This meant I could move all my albums, books and magazines to a more manageable shelf. Ha Ha.
It took me the better part of two days. I stood around stunned for most of the time. Kerry even came in and told me to leave at one point. I really have too much stuff that I don't use.
Now that it's all tidy, I can't wait to mess it up again!
My desk is the only clutter right now, and I'm slowly working on it.
I've also been working on my Art of Goodness class. I should be working on classes for Christmas cards and tags, but I can't seem to get into it. (I'm listening to Christmas music while I blog, hoping that it gets me in the mood.)
I'm really enjoying the class, but I have to admit, painting with my fingers, and the 'messy' stuff don't come easy to me.
I've also been playing with some techniques in my art journal, I made this one and the one above from scratch.
I don't know if you can tell, but the clock faces are textured, it's stucco patch that I found in the spare room. I also used a pile of old rub-ons, that I found while 'organizing'.

One of the class assignments was 'gates' and I really wanted to paint a watercolour of Sharon's portrait from the Hometown Workshop.
Right now, I have this cheap, basic palette of water colours, and my Stampin' Up ones. I've never really used either, so this is a good time to try them out and see if I even like watercolour painting.
I better check Pinterest, maybe there's some Christmas inspiration there, or maybe I'll find something nifty to do with my recycling!


Rachelle S said...

Your water color of Sharon is lovely!!!! So cute : ) and I envy your craft room~ so much SPACE!

amelia said...

everything looks beautiful! omygosh. You know what? I have a lot to do, too! especially organizing all the October photos I took!