Friday, October 25, 2013

Stay classy!

Soooo..... I'm still feeling super creative. 
I don't know if it's kismet, fate, or just a coincidence. I stopped at Michaels, ran into Heather, who bought me a magazine for my belated birthday present, Somerset Workshop. Never had bought one before, probably never even looked at one. (Thanks, Heather!) I came home, flipped through it, and fell in love with Junelle Jacobsen's work. I quickly checked out her blog...Yes and Amen, and decided I need a lamb. But then I saw Christy Tomlinson was offering a class by Junelle and without hesitating, I signed up.  I don't paint anymore, I even let some kids use my brushes for painting all kinds of anime costume things. I could hold all the paint I own in one hand, where as 8 years ago, I had a rack to rival most stores. I will try my hand at sketching, water colour painting, and some fibre art.
Off to Opus and Michaels I went. But first, I offered to buy Opus and Michaels gift cards off the kid! 

The supply list is a page long. Most of the items I have, well, maybe half. I've been wanting to make some art journals to add to my "Special Journal Pile", you know, the one that has a few dozen journals that no one is allowed to write in. I found this Letter Love journal from a class I took last year, and it's got lots of room in it still so I re-named it, Letter Loving and Sketch.
Then I made a water colour book, but the paper I have is cold pressed and quite rough. The nice lady at Opus told me I would not regret the lovely hot pressed 140 lb. vellum finished water colour/mixed media paper, so I bought it and made a book of that too.

And because this well of creative juices runs deep, or maybe because I'm worried that if I stop, I won't start again, I made a Donna Downey inspired art journal. Now the OCD in me says that sucker is fat! That sucker won't lay flat, that sucker sucks. Or as my friend Amy would rather hear me say "That sucker vacuums!" She doesn't like her students saying "sucks".
I haven't even painted in it, and it won't stay closed. I know that Donna's aren't closed, they are very fat, filled with all kinds of arsty goodness. Maybe when mine has something in it and it won't close, I'll love it a bit more. The fabric and patterned paper choices were not planned, that fabric was one of the only pieces in my stash that I could find that was 12 inches wide.
I didn't edit the photos, I took them with my 50mm. I have been loving it lately. It's so much lighter than my other lens and I'm saving all my energy for craft related projects. And what is not to love about that vignetting, or at least today I love it.

To keep with the "classy" theme, I should also point out that I signed up for Tim Holtz's Creative Chemistry 102 class. That man is amazing. I haven't started making anything, Marg and I are watching all the videos first and there's a lot of them.  I watch, I oohhh and aaahhh, and my wish list gets longer and longer!

Let's just say I'm going to need a larger crafting room.

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