Thursday, October 03, 2013

September Ends

What wonderful things happened in September? I can hardly remember because it went so fast!
I took about 2 dozen photos in September. 
First, we tried out some side lighting.

Then a straight on head shot, it's hard to get the eyes and the nose of a dog in focus, maybe a flat faced dog has it's benefits. But it wouldn't be as good looking.
 I got a few shots of the kid, the second week of school. Because that's when the hair got cut.
 For some reason, most of our yard photos include this bush. The lovely black lace elderberry.
 My sunflowers are huge this year. We figured over 8 feet for sure. This is my view from below. I have 3 different kinds of plants too. They are all volunteer, not one was planted. I'm saving the largest for M-R's preschool kids to dissect.
 A few months back, I went for dinner at Kelly O's before R's dance recital and someone put crayons and some drawings in my purse when I went to the bathroom. I didn't find the for a few days, but when I did, I mailed them back to the suspect. In September, I was super excited to find a package in the mail. Then I was super annoyed to find the crayons had made it back to me, only someone had melted the crap out of them.
So I did what any crafty, sane person would do. I spent the afternoon melting the crayons down and I made a very ugly candle.

 Then I smuggled it into her house while she is away! Bwhahahahahaha!
I made gluten free pumpkin cookies that look nothing like their Pinterest photo. But they tasted pretty good, mostly because of the caramel cream cheese frosting I smothered them with. The photo above was taken before using my Expodisc.

 This photo is more like what they really looked like.
I have needed a new wallet for a while but couldn't decide on one. I knew I didn't want a cheap, expensive one like I had, bonded leather is crap. So I went to Danier and found a not cute, but functional wallet.
Sadly, I now feel like George Costanza. Even sadder, there's no money in it yet!
Stop by Amelia's blog to see how she spent her September!

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