Wednesday, October 23, 2013

All systems go...

A few weeks ago, I was explaining to Kerry how my brain feels when I get to spend time crafting. 
"It's like spark plugs, or pistons, I don't know," I used car references because he likes cars, even though I don't really know what I'm talking about, "and they are all firing like 'pew pew pew pew' and it feels so good!" I may have also said this really fast, and really loud! 

I also find fall to really get me motivated, it might be from years of preparing for craft sales and October was always crunch time. I remember crafting while making dinner, Krazy Gluing cheese sauce to my tongue, painting in between the door bell ringing as kids trick or treated. And while I don't miss the craft sales and the chaos, I do miss the creativity.

 And so when I decided this large canvas wasn't working for me, I painted it black.
 And that was gross, that black paint is like liquid rubber.
So I got some new gesso, because my old one was too old. After 2 coats, and the black rubber goop, you can see the Tim Holtz ink leaching through the gesso! Tim is so amazing, even his ink can't be suppressed!
I decided to tear out pages from the vintage dictionary I had been hoarding and podge them to the canvas.
And in a moment of utter brilliance, I used a few of those million Basic Grey alphabet stickers I have kicking around.
 Another coat of podge, some watered down paint, and it's looking pretty good.

A bit of that weird stuff left over from the making of sequins, I can't remember what it's called, and a giant heart, almost finished.
I added some tags that I stamped and hand painted (after I dumped half a bottle of ink), with my expensive, bent paint brush that someone didn't store properly. A few more coats of podge, and some ink around the edges. It's lumpy, and messy, and big, and I love it!
Now, to paint the walls so I can hang this and the 4 canvases I covered in fabric earlier today.


kilipohi said...

that is amazing Kelli. You are so crafty and creative.

Rachelle S said...

It's Beautiful!!!!