Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A review on some cute bags!

I was asked by Linda from a Pound of Glue Blog to review her reusable shopping bags. At first, I said "Haha, no one reads my blog!" but really it's more like "Wahwah, no one comments on my blog!" I can tell by the little counter that a few someones do indeed visit my blog. So I agreed to review them. I only hope it helps!

Firstly, the shipping. They come from California. My favourite state. The home of Disneyland. I believe the bags took less than 2 weeks, despite Linda's guesstimate on one month.
When I opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised to see "No soup for you!" This is iconic. Kismet. Did Linda know I watch a lot of Seinfeld? We went to see him this year. A crazy fan kept yelling "Jeeerrrrryyyyy!!!!" in a high pitched voice beside me! The only thing stopping me from punching her was the fact I knew her. Oh, wait, maybe I did punch her. Anyways, back to the bags...
"No soup for you!" and "When I eat, it is the food that is scared!"
They are light weight. They will fit in your purse, which is great because I'm getting tired of saying "oh, my bags are in the car!" and then I have to put all my vegetables in my purse because I don't want another plastic bag. 

They have a draw string, so no more twist ties! I don't have to stand by the recycling and question "are twist ties recyclable?"
I haven't had to wash them yet, but they are washable. I would probably hang them to dry because that's how I do it. Maybe I'd even iron them so they look this nice again. But my iron has become a craft iron and might dirty the bags.
 Linda encourages you to use them for bulk foods. Sadly, we can't do that here. There is a sign at the store that says "NO outside bags or containers." I get that, you could have cooties, bugs, etc, and bring them in. I thought of putting the food in the thin plastic bags, then transferring the food to my cool bags, but that still uses the plastic bag, and puts it in the landfill or in recycling. 
I can take the bag to the store for veggies, but the veggies get weighed outside the bag, then I put them inside. Just means they roll around my basket for a bit before they get weighed.
Now, just because she markets them for food, this doesn't mean you can't use them at other stores, Fabricland charges for bags and these bags would be great to haul your sewing notions home in. They would keep those spools of thread from getting lost in your purse.

I'm going to ask Shaun about bread. Cobbs puts the warm bread in a paper bag and gives you a plastic one for later. That's 2 bags! Could I put a warm bread in the cloth bag? (Let me add that the smell of warm sour dough almost made me eat gluten this week, but I held strong and over came the urge grab that loaf while driving home and rip the top off with my teeth.  I ate Gf Bretton crackers while my wheat eaters ate the bread and I didn't kill anyone. A review inside a review...Gf Bretton crackers are really good! You can't tell they are gluten free.)

I think taking them to the farmer's market would be a great idea, the venders would welcome a reusable bag! If only I could remember to go to the market.

I do see other uses for them. Shoes (size 6 or lower), cameras, lunches, gifts!

So please, head over to Linda's Etsy Shop and check the bags out.

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Rachelle S said...

I read! AND I comment : ) The bags are cute! I am Terrible at remembering to bring my reusable bags to the store~ boo me.