Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great, safe and happy New Year's celebration.

We had a pretty low-keyed night. Shaun went to the dojo where his sensai had a great little idea. For a small fee, you could drop the younguns off from 7 pm to 2 am. They had snacks, played games, had a few tvs with video games and a few adults stayed as supervision. Shaun took his Wii and the kids loved it. At 12:10 we got the call to pick him up, he was going to sleep. He had been up since 5 am, had to work all day and was dead tired.

Emily had a friend spend the night and I think they expected more than what we had planned. They did play in the snow for quite awhile, ate all kinds of 'good' stuff from M&M's, and seemed to have a fun on the computer.

Kerry and I did the most exciting stuff out of everyone...The kids discovered that London Drugs has the best assortment of Anime and spend hundreds of $ there this past week. More than my boots cost! Anyway, they bought the first 4 DVDS of Elemental Gelade. I'm not big into this stuff because it's like a soap, you have to watch all the episodes or you are so lost. We watched everyone of them, the kids hadn't even seen them. So for a few hours of my life I knew more than they did about something they like! It was great! And now I need to find the other DVDs for this series because I am hooked! I need to know what happens to Ren and her friends.

If you haven't tried the Nintendo Wii...don't, you will want one. H. and K. came over last night and played it, hilarious! My 89 yr. old grandpa has not played it but has watched and given tips on how to bowl better, Kerry's mom and both my parents have played it and had a blast, Kerry's brother tried it and couldn't find one for his son. But I am such a good sis-in-law. We went to Walmart for the millionth time this week and the sales associate was telling a group of people that this was the last one of 5 in the store that they just that minute received. No one new much about it and no one was stepping up to buy it so I said "I'll take it". The lady beside me said my kids would be so happy, I told her we already had one and she thought we were selling it on Ebay. And NO, I was getting it for Kerry's bro! What are the odds? Not only have we had 2 of these things in our hands, but we seem to be the only people with 4 controllers and almost 4 nunchucks. Lucky us!

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Kelly Sampson AKA Emmiestamps said...

Hi Kelli,hey neighbor
Just found your blog from a comment you left on my blog, your blog is great I will be visiting again!
The cupcake stand I got a Walmart in Vernon it is made Wilton. So nice to meet you.!