Monday, January 29, 2007

Cleaning House

I need to get rid of a few things. Lots of things actually, but first I need to get rid of these stragglers. The 'last of' woodcrafts. They take up too much space to store until next year and I am getting tired of looking at them. They need a new home were they will be loved and adored for many years to come, besides that, I already have one of each of them upstairs. So as the sign says, they are 50% off the ticket price, if you see anything you want, let me know. This is only for locals and I will gladly take trades of scrapbooking stuff, make an offer.
I also have some retired stamp sets and other stamping and scrapbook related stuff, but I am 'cleaning up' first. Which really means, I am moving stuff from one spot to another. I have way too many 1/2 finished projects. Way too many things I bought because they were so cute, so cute that I can't use them, I must hoard them just because they are cute! Way too many thing still in the packages. I think for Spring, someone should organize a used-andor-slightly-used-scrapbooking-supply-sale/swap. Yup, someone should do that. And it should be near my house so I don't have to pack stuff up and travel.
Good news...Shaun has been accepted to OC for the Culinary Arts program. Now maybe someone else will make a few meals around here!
Bad news...I made an appointment to get my haircut and coloured, but I can't get in until Feb. 7th. So if you see me, and I look like crap, with my 2 inch white roots and hair hanging over my ears and in my eyes, consider yourself warned! And don't say "OMG, I didn't realize you had that much grey hair". Not that it hurt my feelings but the look of shock on Yo's face was enough to make me want to smear her makeup and pluck her eyebrows.

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Cheryl said...

I love a good sale! Do you have any of the little block houses left? The ones on the right in the first picture? Love those!