Friday, November 23, 2007

Another week closer to Christmas!

These are the tins that my friend, Nancy asked me to make. I'm shipping them off today Nancy! They are filled with cards and envelopes and I want to keep them, both of them. I think she's giving them as gifts, maybe she'll give one to me!

We made a 'bib' card at our stamper's group last night. It wasn't as hard as I thought it might be but then I did have instructions and if I had to do it from scratch, you can bet it would have been a problem.
For the wreath card, I used the scalloped punch and 1 inch circle to make the wreath. For both cards, I used patterned paper to encourage everyone to buy their paper this month while it's on sale. It's working too, I've bought more patterned paper than ever before for myself. Darn I'm good!
I'm liking my ipod more each day. I still only have 24 songs on it. I think I need to just start plunking them on, whether I 'love' them or not. That's my problem, I can't commit to the songs.

I've also officially started my Christmas baking. I have 7 little fruit cakes slowly baking in the oven right now. Can you smell the spices? Hmmm...cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, cloves...smells like Christmas at my house. And rum, can't forget the rum. I made these babies last year after my mom bought some locally made cakes for a rather outrageous price. I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that last year's cakes weren't just beginner's luck. They were the best fruit cakes ever! I converted at least 3 people after they tried my cakes, converted them from hating fruit cake to eating it daily. It probably helps that it's soaked in a bottle of rum.

I will be without a computer for most of Monday, good thing I work on Mondays. We've filled this one up and are adding another hard drive. I can't wait. Maybe I'll be able to convert a picture to b&w without the computer saying I've got no disk space/memory to do it.

Kelli's Frosty Morning Dog Owner Advice...(*GROSS*WARNING*)

Tip # 1: do your poop-scooping before the frost melts...poopsicles are easier to pick up and don't smell as bad. (unless of course, like this morning, one of those is fresh and it's the last one you have to pick up and all you had for breakfast was coffee and your snow shovel of poop is full and you can smell that last warm log and you start gagging and can't stop and are then very thankful for an empty stomach and only the taste of coffee and a strong arm that held that poop filled shovel while you were gagging and meant that you didn't dump at least a dozen poopsicles on the cement) Told you it was gross, now go back and look at the pretty cards!


Fern said...

omg that was gross but oh so funny! and very picturesque too... Hope the fruitcakes turned out!

Dawn said...

that is a beautiful (and huge) header!!! great pics of the craft sale and your cards!!!