Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Creative Energy is flowing

Well, really, it's the ability to copy things that's in my favour today.

All of these cards are copied right out of the new catalogue. They may not use the same stamp sets, or colours but most of the ideas are right out of the book.

I'm very excited that Marg will be joining Tara and I in our Great Adventure to see Donna Downey. We are going to have so much fun! I must start planning what I am going to take. Did I mention that I ordered a Mimi tote off for a great price, cheaper than anywhere else and there's no shipping fee. Totally going out of my comfort zone, I went with the pink and brown tote to match my little AMM tote. Look at that, I haven't even met Donna and already I'm stepping outside my comfort zone! Very exciting!

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RAE said...

Awesome cards! I'm still in the organizing and cleaning mode this wk. No creating for me this wk...just figuring out where to put stuff.