Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Thing

It's amazing how one thing can ruin a perfectly good day. I got my new Mimi tote from, I was down on the scale, I finished more than 1/2 of Emily's costume for the weekend, and then I almost ran over a man on a bike. Ruined my day, probably his too, but then again, maybe not.
After WW I always stop and get gas at 7-11, it's cheaper in Winfield. I pulled out, couldn't get on the highway right away, 2 vehicles were in the inside lane and the van has a huge turning radius so I like to wait. I was over the sidewalk, I hear a loud "HEY" and turn to see a man at the passenger window on a bike. He then hits the van, either with the bike or his foot, but I definitely heard "HEY" and then bang. I pull out of the parking lot to pull over but he's screaming lots of nasty words at me and is very angry. Because it's not safe to pull over on a hwy. I pull over on the next road, which also happens to loop up and around the back of where I just was, so I can see this guy yelling and phoning someone. I decide I am definitely not getting out, so I drove to Yolanda's, told her what happened, probably scared her kids with my wailing, she said to go to the community policing station. I did, no one was there. I decided to drive home, and check the community station near home. (they were probably all out looking for me)
But wait, there's a police truck at 7-11, I saw the guy riding his bike away from 7-11 so I stopped and talked to the police officer. They were looking for me, I know this because his radio went off and the guy on the other end said something about a green Windstar. Probably an APB on me! Nice.
So I didn't get a ticket, because ...
1. the witness was unreliable... he said I peeled out of the parking lot and he heard a guy yell. I said I was stopped and heard the guy and then he hit me.
2. It's quite obvious he hit me, he made contact with my passenger door, there's a dent, a tire dent and a scuff mark, if I had hit him, I think my front would be damaged. The police office was looking there first for damage and I had to point him to the right spot, him and the other police officer looked and then stepped away to discuss it.
3. it wasn't a real hit and run, because I was at the police station and then came back to the scene.
I admit I didn't see the guy, the police office said he could have been obstructed by the 7-11 sign, who knows. He did seem shocked when I said I was pretty much stopped, and not moving when the guy hit me.
I have never cried so much. I probably would have laughed if I wasn't crying. When the officer said I should call ICBC and file the claim for the probably $500 damage to my door, and to have it on record, I asked if the guy was hurt. And this is where some people laugh...and I totally know I didn't hit him, the guy on the bike that says I hit him and I think he kicked my van has a broken TOE. Well, I know there's no way I can hit a guy with my door, the side of my van, and cause a broken toe.
So I learned a lesson or two...definitely check, triple check when driving, and I do this because Kerry rides to work everyday and I know about all the close calls he's had. The other lessons...make sure there are no witnesses or bring your own and if that doesn't work, run the person over good so they can't talk and make up stories about how it actually went down!
Needless to say, Kerry is livid, still today. He says it's so obvious that the guy hit me, that he saw me in time to yell at me and then stop and hit me and that this stupid man ruined my day. Kerry's so sweet. Maybe I'll buy him a samosa!

We're slowing realizing that we leave tomorrow, we are not ready. I am not a costume designer or a seamstress, and it's beginning to show.


RAE said...

Aw....such a crappy thing to happen. That guy on the bike sounds like an idiot!

Kelli said...

And to make it worse, he's filed a claim against me. I know he didn't damage his bike, I saw him riding it, and his toe? Who knows!

Kimberly said...

This is completely HORRIBLE! You did everything right too...It will all work out I am certain...and you have the police on your side not his. Be sure to take photographs and get an estimate on fixing your door...this will probably be something that turns around to bite him in the booty for raising heck over this matter that he caused! Shame on him! (((hugs))) for you!
Love you my friend!xoxo

Cheryl said...

OMG! What a tool (I kind of laughed at the fact that he broke his toe though - is that bad?)