Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm melting.

I know I'm melting because parts of me are moist when they shouldn't be. Think of a pound of butter left in the sun, that's how I feel. And we have air conditioning.

I braved the crowds and the heat and took Emily to the Lulu Lemon warehouse sale that was held in Kelowna this year. We had tried earlier in the day but it was insane with the longest line-up I have ever seen. We waited about 20 min. to get in, shopped for about that long, stood in line to try the clothes on for over 10 min. before deciding to just pull the shirts over our heads to see if they fit. We each came home with 2 items, everything was 1/2 price. I figured if the stuff I picked out didn't fit, someone was getting Lulu for Christmas. But fortunately for me, they fit, I took the pants in to Lulu to get hemmed this morning.

The weather on-line says it's 32 degrees, but on our shady deck it is at least 35, I can't tell, I start to pass out from the heat before I can read the thermometer.

Judy, Jane and I made a pact, not in blood but just as binding, to smarten up and get back on track with our weight loss/maintenance. So far, I'm doing well, eating better, making better choices, moving more. That Wii Fit is really helping, it's quite the workout. I suck at coordination stuff, and it shows in the step aerobics and rhythm boxing, but I rock at hula hoops and skiing, two things I can't do in real life.

I challenged Tara to use 50 sheets of 12 x 12 patterned paper before Halloween. We both have a large stash that doens't get used, we hoard it. I know other's that have this characteristic, so they can join us too.

And...I just sent off the registration forms for the Christmas Craft sale! Crazy, it's 200 degrees out and I'm planning a Christmas Craft sale!


Marina G said...

Wow, 50 sheets of paper in about 75 days! I can't wait to see what the two of you create with all that patterned paper.

RAE said...

OMGawd...Xmas craft fair talk already???? I love going to them. I don't know if I can use 50 sheets of paper in 75 days but I am doing my best to use up some paper stash b/c I buy (way) more than I use and have all my paper containers full so now it is just piling up on my countertop LOL

Tara said...

You mean I'm not the only one with piles (& piles!) of paper?!?!??

Dawn said...

Paper challenge... love it-- great idea.
Food challenge... hear you loud and clear!