Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's My Birthday Week... Tara says. This is Tara on her new scooter. It's super cute! Not pink but still cute.

The celebrating happens today. My mom is having us for Birthday dinner.(Mom says we're having chicken and she's burning it.) Saturday is Mardi Gras and we will partake in some of that and then it's Fight Night. Kerry will celebrate my birthday with the guys cheering for half naked men with cauliflower ears and Tara's invited me for Birthday cropping.

I've been asked what I want for my birthday. I can honestly say I have everything I need. Okay, I don't have a new SU catalogue or a flash but those will come with time. I don't have a 28 inch waste anymore and probably never will again. I don't have the best behaved dogs, they may be the most photogenic, and cutest, but won't be seen in public much. I have great kids, I'm not just saying that because they are mine. They can kind of carry on a conversation, are relatively intelligent, listen to what we have to say, even if they don't follow our advice or agree with it, they are kind of cute too, not so photogenic.

We celebrated Tara's birthday at Idabel lake. It could have been warmer, the kids didn't get to go right in the lake, and the breeze was kind of chilly but I wasn't complaining, I was eating artichoke dip and oblivious to all else. We had a nice time eating, chatting, playing Wii and bocce (girls rule, boys drool), boating, and eating.

We took the dogs to Angel Springs again. They posed for their "I look more like Gene Simmons that you do" pictures, they are such good dogs for the camera. Tomorrow we are going to try see who looks more like Spuds McKenzie. This hike, we walked and walked until we got to this sign...

And then we walked a bit more (at least 600 meters, like the sign said), only more cautiously. We came to a dried up waterfall, walked a very trecherous trail, heard some noises and felt very much like we were in Lord of the Rings. We never saw 'the Springs', at least we didn't think we had until I did a bit of research on-line, gotta love Google, and found out that it might be too hot and 'the Springs' have all but dried up, we think they were actually the dried up waterfall. We walked an hour in and an our out even though I ran part of the way because of my believe that bears would naturally be found in the wild raspberry patch we walked through and I heard crunchies at that time, it was either bears or zombies, but I know zombies don't eat berries, they eat brains.

And on that note...

We are finalizing plans for me and the kids' trip to Vancouver for the Anime Convention at UBC. And another trip for me and Tara is in the works. I'll let you know tomorrow as tonight I must get my best bargaining tactics out.

That darn SU catalogue, Canada Post originally said it would be delivered on the 8th, but now the update says the 11th. I am not too happy with this, but what can we do?

Off to get cleaned up for birthday chicken.

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RAE said...

Great photos,especially the dogs (b/c you know I luv dog pics). HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a great (burned) chicken dinner. Tomorrow we are celebrating birthdays for Darrell, my grandson, my mom and my daughter. They all have their birthdays between the 20th and 30th of July.