Thursday, September 03, 2009

Can you hear that?

It's the sound of a little bobcat with a big jackhammer demolishing my carport cement pad. It's making way for a new one, without cracks and weed growing in it. And then a shiney new garage will be put on top of that new cement pad! In the mean time, Sally is trying to find the deepest darkest hole to crawl in because she is so scared. She's tried the bathtub, she's tried the shoe closest, the linen closet, my lap, under the couch, behind the couch, and is now under the desk.
I'm trying to get my kit stuff done but it's hard to concentrate and I can't watch Y&R because I can't hear what Gloria is saying to Jeffrey. I can make up my own story lines, I'm sure she's telling him that they have that nut tied up because she doesn't look natural with that dayglow blond hair. And that a kitten in a basket is the new black. Everyone has one, Jeffrey, so don't take mine away from me.

I've baked 2 pans of cookie bars. It's stormy, windy, raining and cold, so it was a good baking morning.
I'm thinking I need a graduation gift for finishing my Photographers' Workshop class. I might be aiming too high, a new camera body or a new lens is on my wish list but I probably should settle for a new garage or no divorce.

Did I mention I love little bobcats? And little machinery? Little diggers, too. Not little men, but big men in little machines! Do you think they'd pose for pictures?


Amy said...

I hope the noise stops soon! But it will be worth it once its all done. I was in Target the other day and saw on the cover of Soap Opera Weekly that Sharon is pregnant and its Nicks. I should start watching again! I loved that show! Hope you get your mojo up to work on your kit stuff, and that the noise is gone so you can! Wish it would get cold and rainy here!

Veronica said...

I am sure you have invested in a good set of earphones and played the music loud! How long of this do you have to endure?