Wednesday, September 09, 2009


So the yard is a mess, leaving the house isn't easy. What door do we go out? Do we have keys for the other doors? Whose idea was it to fence the back yard like that and leave the garbage cans and my pots of herbs over there on the other side of the fence? Where do we park? We have to make sure we duck under the railing when going down the temporary stairs or else we get clothes lined. Luckily the dogs seem to have adjusted quite well.

This is the side of the house, and the driveway. It's also the lumber to build the garage. This was this morning, we now have footings. Check out the junk in the background...that's all the stuff we can't easily get to, our bbq, our winter tires, our Little Tykes kitchen set, patio table, chairs, garbage cans, and pots of dying herbs.

We saw the signs and heard that the salmon were spawning, so we decided to go down the first few days before they started dying and smelling up the park. Well, no one told the salmon that they were running, so we only got to see the big freaky salmon on wheels.

We did see a little squirel. He's right in the middle of the photo.

I worked on my kit stuff. Love that Collage Press stuff.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a mess! But it looks like it is coming along nicely! The salmon on wheels are scary, but the little squirrel is so cute!! Love your kit layouts!! Cute carrots!

RAE said...

What a lot of work, bet it'll be awesome when its done. We need to redo our driveway but it looks like it'll be put off (again) til at least the spring. I just about went crosseyed looking for that squirrel LOL