Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Wanderings

I took my new lens and went for hike with Kerry. It's going to take a bit of getting used to, but it's great for close quarters and low light. And I can get up close and personal to my subjects and still maintain focus. As you can see with this fuzz plant.

Crawford is great for taking shots but only because the fire took all the shade bearing trees and now it's pretty wide open, the downside being that I got lots of lens flare, even though I like the look, sometimes I don't want it. It makes for 'fuzzy' photos.
Action shot of Kerry getting air.
See, bright, wide open, with lots of charred trees in the background.

We finally got to see the salmon running, and because it's so early in their travels, there aren't any dead fish on the creek edges yet. We took Linus back to the creek because I had seen this rock formation from the road on the way home from mountain biking.
From above.
Linus is in the middle of the heart. It was super bright out hence the blown out areas on his face and the rocks.

We went down to the swimming hole and saw dozens more salmon, the numbers are down apparently. We also saw lots of osprey looking for an easy dinner. I wonder if Mother Nature thought out the whole turning salmon red thing, I mean, they are trying to repopulate the earth. But being bright red when everything else is green, brown or grey makes you stand out, makes you easy prey for meat eaters!

You can kind of see the salmon in the top left of the creek, I was trying to get the duck more than anything, but should have had my 50mm lens on.
Framing starts this week and so do classes! Actually, this week is super busy with classes and Stamper's group! Can't wait to hear how everyone's summer went.


Anonymous said...

Great shots!!! Love the heart formation! I want a new lens. I have 2 good ones and need one in the middle size!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I commented with my other email address logged in!! Does the US Open come on tv there and ruin all your programming schedules too?? Just wondering!

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous now. DH doesn't understand the need for a fast lens. "Just use the flash" he says. Aargh! Great action shots - love your lens flare! Can you believe I haven't been down to see the charred forest yet?