Friday, September 04, 2009

Can't believe we did that!

Shaun offered to take us out to Swiss Chalet for dinner. My mouth was watering just thinking about it.
We were not acknowledged in the 5-10 minutes waiting to be seated. We should have known then.
It was not busy. We got their just after 6 pm. People we knew were seated just before us. We ordered before them. They got their food. Other people we knew came in about 30 minutes later. They ordered, they got their food. We thought that was weird. Our server said our food was next. More people that came in after us got served. We were getting a little angry. Server says we are up next. We say great because those people that ordered after us are finished eating. And then we waited another 15 min. and still no food.
So we say "Hey this is stupid" and we got up and he's like "Oh, it's on it's way" and as we are leaving another server is bringing out food and he asks her "Is that for this table?" and be damned if it wasn't! So we left without paying for our pop, he never refilled it or checked on us ever. We decided that even if she had our food, we would not have accepted it. We waited over an hour.
Then as we are leaving, a whole bunch of people were waiting to be seated and I said "Go somewhere else, we never got our food!" and then we walked out. It was kind of mean, but boy did I feel good when we got in the van and saw at 5 of those people walk out.
Then we went to Triple O's and had the best burgers and sweet potato fries! And Shaun used his discount card and got 25% off!


Amy said...

That sucks. Totally. I have had that happen once and I did the same thing, and after that I was so past hungry my stomach hurt. But at least you had yummy discount burgers!

Lisa T. Howard said...

What a bad experience! I had to laugh at your comment to the in-coming patrons. That is something I would soooooo totally do! LOL!

I just caught up on all the posts I've missed. Construction time at your house, huh? How's it going? Has the moat been filled yet?

So, I just found another reason you need to come visit me in NC. I have access to little machines from time to time. LOL! My ex and my dad own utility construction companies. While they mostly own the really big equipment, they sometimes have a smaller machine around. With all of the construction going on for my son's house, I'm sure we could get you on one! LOL!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! xoxo L