Thursday, September 17, 2009

One of those days!

I'm trying to be positive, I know that negative energy breeds more negativity, I'm really trying...

1. It seems most of my Stamper's group is out of town, but I will still go ahead for the 2 that are coming tonight. It will be nice with a smaller group.
2. I can't order cheques over the phone anymore, I must go to the bank. I need to mail a letter anyways and thank goodness I'm not mailing a 2.01 lb. parcel to Japan, like the guy infront of me, it cost him $80 to mail $20 in clothes that will take 1 week to get there, as opposed to the only other option, cheaper but will take 2 months! I actually thought he was sending it to the moon for that price!
3. I start the van to go to the bank only to have the van sputter and plumes of smoke come from under the hood. Guy across the street gives me the 'look' and I make like I know something and look under the hood, but it's really to make sure there isn't a fire under the hood, and sure enough there wasn't. No biggie, I take Kerry's truck to the bank. I like it better than the van anyways.
4. A lady grabbed the James Patterson book I wanted, after I finished pummelling her, I realized she's my aunt. I don't see her often enough.
5. She tells me to start reading Janet Evanovich, that it's a series, but of course, the library only had #14 and #15, she says "That's okay, read #14", so I take it, it better be good and not confusing. I have to get it, because they didn't have the third No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.
6. I order my cheques, I get my big wads of cash to pay for the fence, only to realize a dozen people just saw me stick it in my purse and now they may mug me. And I'm sweating like crazy because I'm NOT getting sick, so they'd probably win.
7. My aunt leaves the library, I run, really run, to catch her so I don't get mugged. She's probably my toughest aunt. Between her scrappiness and my hammer fist, we'd do okay. I also didn't tell her that I'm not feeling well and have my life savings in my purse, you never know...
8. I'm getting kits ready for the baby album class, I cut my palm of my hand. I can't handle my own blood, but if I run outside and say to the guys making my garage "Can you tell me if I need stitches, because I can't look at my hand?" I will probably never hear the end of it. And with me feeling sick already, I was very leery to look at my hand. I did it quickly, it's a gash and it's bleeding, but I already knew that because I got blood on that piece of chipboard for your kit! I doubt it needs stitches but I'm not looking, I put the last of 2 bandages on it. Good thing I have bandages.
9. I know I will need a nap. I won't fight it.
10. I have Stamper's group tonight and I think at least one new show starts tonight. I will get Kerry to tape if I remember. If not, I know it's not the end of the world.
11. The mailman is a dork. He won't put the mail in the box because of the construction. He's been known to put it under a 2x4, which is the stupidest thing I've seen. Oh, well, his wife can deal with him.
12. This list makes it look even worse than it is.


Anonymous said...

Oh I hope your hand is ok. Owie! Glad you didnt get mugged. Hope the van is ok, and we are getting a Wii! The boys are picking it up right now, and they have Dirt 2 in stock, so Im sure they will be coming home with it! There was something else I wanted to comment on but I forgot. Hope the fence turned out nice! Your mailman is dumb.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the Janet Evanovich. Someone told me to start that series too, so Im on the wait list for number one at the library. Im #7, hope they read fast ahead of me!

Lisa T. Howard said...

It really IS one of those days! Sorry, my friend. Hope things are looking up for you. Especially hoping your hand is OK and you are NOT getting sick! Hope you have a better weekend. xoxo L