Friday, September 04, 2009

Day 2

And no I'm not going to count down the days until I can park in the new garage, but I will tell you that it should take less than 3 weeks, but I can't park in it for a whole month. {insert sad face here} Why, you ask? Because the cement needs that long to set or whatever it does. To this you reply "But on Extreme Home Make-Over they build a house, furnish it and live in it in about a weeks time!" To which I'm pretty sure the answer is "They never show you close ups, and come back in a year to see what it looks like." I never understood how that worked.
The above picture shows the 'little' machines that tore out the cement. I love little machines. I think they are cute. I want one. I spent most of the day looking out the side door and front window at these things. And then the dump truck came and I spent time staring at that . Check out how new and shiney the yellow digger is! And then I shed a few tears, and got teased about it. To the left of the photo, you can't see it, but I had rocks, lots of them. I asked Kerry if we should move them to another flower bed, he said no, they'll be fine. As I was watching the digger, I noticed my rocks were GONE! And so was the dump truck. Seriously, I was so sad for my rocks. I need to get out more. Duncan said I will have new rocks, but it's not the same. Those ones didn't do anything wrong and now they are at the dump.

Check this out...I'm 5'4" on a good day. The mail box is now above eye level. I can't see if there are any spiders in my mail. I won't be able to get the mail for a few weeks. Nice.
Today, we have a 'moat' not around the house, but in the driveway. There is an island. We have discussed the things we could do today...fill moat with water, float around it, ride bikes in it, put dogs in it. Nothing that Duncan would like, I'm sure.
This is my side-door, and the drop off into the moat. A safety hazard.

In other parts of our yard, our new fence is not quite finished, but looks beautiful! Smells good too, after it rained a bit the cedar smell was very nice!

My sunflowers are huge! I've never had success growing them but this year the sunflower gods smiled upon my garden and bam! I have 8 ft. tall plants.And I have sunflower seeds. You think 'duh, sunflower plants, sunflower seeds', but you'd be wrong. Some idiot once made and sold sunflower seeds that result in flowers without seeds. And this idiot bought them. But this time, I paid attention. I have seeds and big ones! I ate this one, right from the plant. It's unsalted, and unroasted, but it wasn't the worst thing I've ever eaten. No, that's goat cheese. Speaking of which we had a little conversation as to why my mom made me drink fresh from the goat milk when I was a kid, she said Auntie Linda did it, so it was okay. And then she said she wouldn't drink it. Hello, if you wouldn't drink it, should you give it to your kid? The answer is no, because it will traumatize her for the rest of her life.Anyways, here's Linus, check out the reflection in his eyes, that's me holding a plum above my head.
Here's Sally's dramatic "Give me the damn plum" look.

I think some wood comes today and maybe cement forms. I love this construction stuff, not the cost, but the smells of gasoline, wood, and dirt. Which is better than the smell of dying fish, it's salmon spawning time, we might brave the sights and smells to check it out this year. But then again, I can think of 37 better things to do, like pick up dog poop, pluck my eyebrows, clean gutters, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos!! Love the dogs, great expressions! And did you ask if you could drive the little machines?? I mean they are at YOUR house!