Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Can you hear me now?

Shaun now has his very own Chocolat cell phone. We bought it for him as a grad gift. The first thing he did was to program the voice activation so that he could call home...awwww!!!!
I almost got my own phone, that was the plan. The one we have had 8 months on the contract and Kerry uses it for when he goes riding. So I thought something that has a scheduler would be ideal but there are way too many choices and it took forever to get Shaun all set up, like an hour! So I said I would come back later. Now I'm afraid. I think I'll stick to forgetting appointments and smoke signals.
Tonight is the start of my crazy busy next 2 weeks. Every time I check my emails, someone is wanting to sign up for a class or book a workshop. I thought the beginning of July would be busy with the release of the new catalogue, but it seems everyone wants the retiring sets right now. I, for one, can't wait to get that new cattie in my inky little hands.
I bought the coffee frappaccino mix in a tin from Costco. Don't buy it. It's too freakin' tasty, I want to drink it all day and it's about 16 pts. a glass. That might be exaggerating but it's probably close. The nutritional value is for 1 scoop and no milk and the ingredients say to use 2 scoops and coffee, milk or water. I've only made it with coffee, but I'm sure it would be very yummy with milk and probably damn good with cream, maybe even some alcohol. And a bag of potato chips.

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