Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Need my ears checked...

So every night Kerry and I take the pups for their 'walkies'. It's the highlight of their day, right after WWE and eating. The other night we overheard an interesting conversation. We only overheard it because 'mom' was screaming and the windows were open.
It went something like this...

Kid: (heart wrenching crying)
Mom: NOT AGAIN! You just had to have 'sex'. Well, that's what happens when you have 'sex'!!!
Kid: (CRYING AND CRYING) I didn't know it would happen again. (sob sob sob)
Mom: What did you do? blah blah blah (realizing window is open and she's not yelling so much) something something CAGE.

okay, so my mind is freaking out, this is what I think has happened. Daughter just told Mom that she's pregnant, again, and Mom is livid, maybe considering putting daughter in cage. I say to Kerry, OMG, as my eyes are popping out of my head, can you believe that?

Here's the very funny part...
Kerry says what's the big deal? The kid has a pet that died, again.
Me: What? No, she's pregnant again, didn't you hear the Mom say "that's what happens when you have sex?"
Ker: NO, that's what happens when you have PETS!

I almost cried.


Tara said...


Fern said...

Want a Q-Tip?

that's q-t-i-p...for your ears!

That is too too funny!

Dawn said...

That's awesome!
tell me again over a box of dried grapes.