Saturday, June 09, 2007

17 years in the making

It went from a not so great photo to one I can live with, I might fiddle with it more. I did a little Photoshopping to it using the instructions from CK's Computer Tips. I'm finding this book to be pretty handy.
Anyway, that's it, my first born has graduated! I managed to keep dry eyes. Unless you count the time I got a little teary eyed because one of his class mates received a huge scholarship($10,000). It was a total surprise and he was one of 5 kids in B.C. or Canada to receive it. The look on his face was enough to make any parent cry. And considering I was his chaperone during their Edmonton trip years ago, I had to get a little teary.
Shaun received a bursary from the Japanese United Church. My Grandpa attends this church, so did I when I was younger. Apparently, Shaun was the only Japanese kid to apply, the rest were Korean, Chinese and other ethnicities.
After the ceremony the kids returned to the school for Dry Grad and we didn't see Shaun again until 6 am. this morning. He had to work at 10 am. but the good mommy I am, I called and got him a shorter shift, 12-7, and now he's on his way home at 5. They are so good to him at Arby's. He won some great prizes at Dry Grad, one being a free round trip Greyhound ride to anywhere in B.C. Are they still on strike?
Off to celebrate Grandpa's 90th birthday with about 50 other family members at The Orient. I'm so looking forward to Chinese food!

And my mommy and I are all perky now after our trip to Fashion Foundations. I highly recommend it. They are so helpful and friendly.

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Dawn said...

What a very handsome guy!
Congratulations on his grad to you and him! What a huge milestone... sounds like you guys have done a really good job and that the world it going to get a really great man joining the "adult" crowd.

Enjoy the rest of the festivities!!
still want to see a picture of your new outfit!