Saturday, June 16, 2007


Our monitor was making funny noises and doing strange things, I expected it to shoot flames or explode at any given time this morning. It is at least 6 years old so we have gotten good use out if it. It's about 2 feet square, was made long before flat screens.
Off to Futureshop. Home again with a 20 inch flat wide screen monitor, a new scanner(because our other one was kicking the bucket and was about 8 years old), and a pile of Cannon photo paper because it was buy one and get one free.
I cannot believe how much room we have on the desk with the flat screen. More room for crap on my desk.


Fern said...

It's amazing what a difference it makes doesn't it? When we got them at work we were stunned by all the free space that was left.

Kelli said...

I keep telling Kerry that there's too much white space. I'll have to put stickers or embellishments on the screen.