Wednesday, June 06, 2007

275 pictures

Today was Track and Field day at the Apple Bowl. I had some errands to run in that area so I stopped in for a bit to take some pictures and offer some support.
Within 20 minutes of being there Mr. D. walks up to me and says "Great, you're here to take pictures again. They were so good last year and we really appreciated them."
Last year, I took a bunch of pictures, saved them to disk and gave them to Mr. D. and printed a few for some of the kids. He then passed the cd on to other teachers and my pictures ended up in the newletter and in the year end slide show.(no, I didn't get any royalties) Last year's pictures were great. This year's are dull. The yucky, overcast day made for dark pictures. I did get some good ones, great action shots but what a difference a little cloud cover makes. It was good for the kids, much cooler than last year and they managed to miss any rain that fell elsewhere in my travels.

When these two are together there's little chance of getting a picture with 'normal' faces. What a couple of goofs!

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