Saturday, September 08, 2007

Pump me up!

I am getting a big head. Thanks Tara.

So I made Better Butter Chicken last night out of the Eat, Shrink and Be Merry cookbook. I love that book. I'd never made or eaten butter chicken so I didn't really know what to expect. I also made naan from scratch. I figured if my family is going down, might as well take someone with us so I invited Tara to dinner and a night of scrap booking. I must say I out did myself, except for the fact everything was done cooking at different times, everything turned out delicious. (I ate if for breakfast too.) I will definitely be making this again. My mom pointed out that they didn't get an invite and that they would like to try some Indian food. She also pointed out that it was a very ethnic dinner, Caesar salad, Naan, Butter Chicken, Grandpa's Japanese beans, and Chocolate Chip Banana bread and Iced Caps afterwards.

I didn't have an overly productive night, but Tara did, she made a very cute Something album featuring Harley, her dog. I must remember to try the Heidi Swapp letters on chipboard and paint them. At Tara's urging, I made this super cute, very little box. It holds 3x3 gift cards.

And through the crafting grapevine, I have heard, but haven't seen it done yet, that you can use your Michaels coupon on Martha stuff. you think they realized no one was buying the overpriced stuff?

Does anyone know why I can't always post on other blogs? It seems to be Typepad blogs.

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